Could Medicine Hat be the new 'Kelowna'?

I recently spoke with a long-established real estate agent in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Medicine Hat, to me, is the city that I stop in to get gas when driving to see my folks in Winnipeg.  It always seems sunny and they never seem to get much snow.  Well, back to this real estate agent, Gord Paulson... he began discussing how there is quite a number of British Columbia residents moving to his city.  We discussed the economy, the friendly people, the low cost of housing, the great weather.... what's not to like?  I came to the realization that Medicine Hat could quite possibly be the "Kelowna" of Alberta.  Especially if you don't want to pay PST!  In other words tack on another 7% to  your pension and that's what living in Medicine Hat could do for you.  So I'm going to watch this charming city to see if it is indeed  not only a great retirement place for Albertans but for BC and Saskatchewan folks too!  Maybe think about getting in while the prices are low.  Give Gord Paulson a call at (403) 502-9402 and see what he's got available.  You might be glad you did.